Has lost it's wonder.

Who Will Fill The Void?

As you all know, Carl Edwards shockingly retired last month.  This leaves a gaping hole in my team. My Team #41 Kurt Busch 2.  #18 Kyle Busch 3. #20 Matt Kenseth 4.____________________ ??? Who will take the fourth spot?  Here are some of my ideas. #77 Erik Jones.  He’s a …

Coming Soon: Best Of Ten

How can it have been ten years since I first started recording music?  I’m too young for that!  Seriously, I am.  This next project is for those of you who have missed out on the earlier years of my recording experiments.  Yes, it will be a “Greatest Hits” album showcasing …


In a world where distraction is constantly available whenever we want it, we still manage to find ways to get bored.   The reason?  Being distracted and constantly having something to fill your time is not the point of life.  We were not meant to chase distraction.

If They Get Rid Of Libraries

A sort of continuation of my list from earlier.  This time instead of points, I’ve got questions.  Questions to ponder. If they get rid of libraries… Yes, this will happen if things don’t change soon.  It’s harsh terminology I know.  People like the term “cuts” much better, but it’s essentially …