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It’s getting longer.  Thanks to all the people who have helped out with this project so far.  You know who you are.

Much progress has been made. You should check it out on my blog, or on my Wattpad profile @bberry777.

Here’s the brief summary.  I don’t want to give everything away.

Richard Pringle is your average work a day, middle aged man.  He has never had that excellent weekend all of his coworkers keep talking about.  One fateful Friday,  Richard’s brother David invites him on his first ever outdoor excursion.  Richard does not get out much, thus he seizes the opportunity to spend some time with his brother.  Little does he know that he is in for more of an adventure than he could imagine.

This should take me through the fall and possibly winter as I write it in parts on the blog and on Wattpad (@bberry777).  Just in case you forgot.

Hope you enjoy it!


I welcome all kinds of feedback on anything I write.  If this goes well, and it should I plan to submit it to the Wattpad judges to be considered for a Watty, the highest honour they can give an amateur author like myself, in 2017.  I have already submitted Thoughts: Open Access to the competition for this year.  We’ll see how that goes.

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