2014 Teams To Watch: Stewart-Haas Racing

There is much speculation on the internet as to which way this team will go this year.  Some say that Tony’s recent injury will plague him, and the recent expansion to 4 teams, plus the addition of teammates, Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch will cripple the team’s development.

I think the expansion will go well.  Stewart has hired two excellent drivers with a lot of experience and knowledge about how to make a race car go fast.  Stewart Haas struggled all year last year, but with new drivers come new ideas.  They might just be the team to stand up to the mighty Hendrick Motorsports.  The fact that Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick both believe that Stewart Haas is the right team to bring them championships must count for something.

How can we forget Danica Patrick?  With the addition of Busch and Harvick, she’s bound to improve her skills and become more hard charging.

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