-24: The Cane

“Maybe he should use a white cane.” they said, in hushed tones, as if because I was legally blind, I also may not be able to hear them.  When I was ten years old, I even got as far as trying one out.  I found it cumbersome, and a bit confusing, because as far as I knew my vision was indeed bad, but I could see what was coming down the road well enough to avoid it.  Why would I need another thing to drag around with me and never have both hands free?  If my myopia continues to progress, and as I showed you earlier with all the math, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t, perhaps there will come a time where I will use one after all.  There is somehting to be said about not being dependent on things before you really need them.  That is the main reason I have been so stubborn to not use one til I have to.  For the record, I am not down on white canes at all.  For people with less vision than I have, white canes do a world of good, and provide much freedom for those individuals.  However, it’s not a direction I’d like to go in for a while if I can help it.

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