A Defence For “The Freak Show”

“The Freak Show” was the title of a world tour undertaken by DC Talk when their album Jesus Freak came out in 1995.  A certain amount of misconstrued meanings for the show was found here, to the point where it needs to be explained sadly.  The main point that is argued in yet another one of Jeff Godwin’s blogs against Christian bands is that every time TobyMac would come on stage he would say “Welcome to the Freak Show.”  This is where the misinterpretation takes place.  Godwin is apparently under the impression that DC Talk is calling Jesus a freak…which they are not doing.  Jesus is their saviour as much as he is Godwin’s or mine.  The “freaks” DC talk are referring to are the followers of Jesus Christ…Christians if you prefer, who are precieved as freaks by other people.

Does it make sense to you now?

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