A Strange Remembrance Day Trend: Don’t Decorate For Christmas Early You Might Offend Someone

I heard recently, that apparently it is disrespectful to war veterans to decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day because it has the possibility to take much needed attention and focus off of  war veterans…which I don’t understand, after all we wear poppies, and if you listen to CBC at all you hear about the great stories of the things the veterans selflessly did for us which we all appreciate.  We also have remembrance day services for them as it is celebrating the things they have done for us.  Personally I wouldn’t start decorating that early…because it’s just early, not because anyone was offended…though I can see the benefit of decorating earlier.  It’s easier to hang stuff out when you don’t have to deal with snow and ice.  I’m not sure what about Christmas (besides Satan…er Santa, reindeer, and other commercial aspects of it) veterans would find offensive.  I actually think Remembrance day is a neat sort of segue into the Christmas season.  Christmas (which is apparently another really offensive topic these days for some reason)  is actually about Jesus Christ coming down to earth, giving up all the glory and honour he deserved and was getting in heave, so that he might be born as a baby who would eventually grow up, and be crucified (on a cross) and die for our sins, sacrificing himself freely (and then being raised from the dead 3 days later…thus conquering death forever) so that we could have a relationship with him and enjoy a repaired relationship with God forever as we reap the benefit of eternal life from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Remembrance day and Christmas have more parallels than you’d think, both involve sacrifice for the common good of humanity so that we could enjoy freedom.  But one was much farther reaching than the other.

As for decorating early.  If you really want to.  I don’t see a problem with that…but then again I don’t have a military background.  I do appreciate what they did though.  I don’t mean to offend veterans with this post, I’m just putting some thoughts out there.

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