Album Of The Year: Switchfoot’s Vice Verses

Yes, of all the new music I have managed to listen to this year, Switchfoot managed to top rock’s superstars like Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber (It’s not that hard to beat those guys if you can put any thought behind your lyrics at all).  You may think that it’s too soon for Switchfoot to release another great album since they released Hello Hurricane just last year, but Vice Verses takes the cake…even beating out Michael Buble’s Christmas album in my opinion.  John Foreman is at it again with lyrics that make you think and want to do better with your life.  Vice Verses takes a good look at the human condition as a whole…we all want to be together and we’re all searching for something.  Musically it is hard hitting which is great!  Yes you can put a good effort into an album in under a year.  Switchfoot’s Vice Verses proves that.   It’s the only album I’ve been able to listen to twice in one day and still enjoy just as much the second time in that same day.

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