An Interesting Thing About Life After University

You work your way through University…all four years of it and you get your degree.  You’re stoaked because now you can do something with your life.  Everyone else who knows you is also stoaked because they also realize that you can finally do something with your life.  Everyone assumes that your life will be super exciting because you’re not in school any more (really your life stays quite routine, but you make it sound like you’re getting somewhere).  You leave University with all the hopes and dreams that you can finally do something independently and make something of yourself because you’ll be able to find that great job opportunity that will provide you with the funds to have a great life on your own…at first, and then with time maybe you’ll have a family of your own!  More hopes and dreams…wouldn’t that be wonderful.  Then you realize that you live in a small town that has no use for your degree.  What a bummer!  You spent four years on that thing.

It’s interesting how between the time that I started University four years ago and the time I graduated, there seems to have been a shift in what employers are looking for in employees, at least where I live.  A few years ago University degrees were the top of the top and you could supposedly go anywhere with them.  Now it seems that community college is the way to go…two more years of school to make you specifically job ready…because apparently University doesn’t seem to cut it as much as it used to.  Two more years before you can start living your dream.

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