An Open Letter To The Women I Don’t Know Who Keep Emailing Me Looking For Love

Dear Alexa, Natasha, Amy, Julia, and any others I may have forgotten about.

I bet you’re all wondering why I have not responded to any of your inquiries over the past little while.  The main reason is I don’t know any of you on any sort of personal level.  You could all be guys in prison.   Especially since two of you, Natasha and Alexa, were both sent from the same email address.  Mikeee doesn’t sound like a woman at all.  Anyone named mike with three Es in his name cannot be trusted.

Trust is a must in any relationship, and it’s a thing that is built.  Since I don’t know any of you at all, it’s just not there.  Therefore, this is the only safe venue for me to respond to what is becoming a popularity issue?  I’m not really sure.

Assuming you are all actually women.  I did not open any of the emails or pictures any of you sent me, you could have just found them on the internet. Thank goodness for Outlook’s preview email view.  For all I know there could be viruses in there…or some pyramid scheme. so I don’t know for sure.   Assuming all of that is actually true, let me give you all some advice.

I appreciate your similar goals of finding love, getting married, having children, raising a family, and visiting Canada.  Those are all great goals.  However, I do not believe that I would be the conduit by which any of these would happen.  Sending an email of this nature out to someone you don’t even know can get you into a lot of trouble.  It can be dangerous.  Some of you have mentioned the danger, but were crazy enough to do it anyway…which is just crazy.  Others  have told me that I am a good person right in their opening paragraph.   I do try to be a good person, but you don’t know that for sure.  There are so many possible dangers and unknowns with the internet.  People can pretend to be whoever they want, and that can cause trouble.

Second of all, you’ve never seen me, and with the value women place on physical appearance of a man, I believe I could possibly be a disappointment in that area.

There is a much easier way to meet guys much closer to home.  Want to know what that is?  Hang out with them in groups in public places, then you will get to see how they act and what they look like.  They will also live much closer to you and be more accessible that way and you can have conversations and actually get to know these guys, rather than risking everything on a desperate email to a stranger who could just lie to you.  That really comes across as sketchy on the other side.  The sketchyness doesn’t make you very approachable, no matter how many compliments you try to give me.

Proper spelling and grammar, when used together, go a long way too.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I will not be responding to any of your requests for safety and sanity reasons.   I do hope you all find what you’re looking for by using some less insane method.

For me, I would want to start a relationship with a woman I know and am comfortable being around.


-The person who keeps getting these emails.

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