AntiLite: Chapter 10 | Delbert’s Discovery


Delbert had been digging for a week straight.  The only reason he could tell time at all was by the rations he ate as there was no difference between night and day.  He had brought enough rations for two weeks.  He would have to begin his journey back to the surface to re supply himself.  Delbert was rather disappointed at this.  He had done so much research, digging deep into the few resources out there on this subject, about the location of these crystals.  He had become certain he would be able to find one.  One crystal was all England would need to form a solution.

Delbert smiled to himself, he thought of himself as such a patriot for taking on this mission.  He continued to dig  for another moment.

Suddenly, Delbert saw something!  He began to weep.

Delbert hand been in pitch darkness for over a week, but now he saw a faint light!  Filled with a second wind, Delbert continued to dig, exposing more and more light, and eventually the entire crystal.

“I was blind, and now I can see!”  Delbert yelled out, to no one in particular.

“This is the greatest moment of my entire career!” he exclaimed to himself.

Suddenly Delbert heard the most immense crashing sound he thought possible.  Miraculously, Delbert’s tunnel did not collapse in on him.  When Delbert realized this, he heaved a large sigh of relief.  However, the insanity was not yet over. Delbert’s ears could still detect the cracking of rock near by, almost as if a new fissure was being created.   It seemed to Delbert that this process was happening much more quickly than is usual.  He turned to run back through his tunnel.  He knew what was about to happen next, and his tunnel would just become a conduit for all the action.  Magma was making its way to the surface.  Delbert knew he would be a dead man soon, but his fight or flight response system kicked in, ordering him to flea the scene as best he could.  This would become England’s first eruption and  volcano in recent history.  And Delbert knew he would have more of a front row seat than anyone would ever want.

In a way it was absolutely fantastic though.  Delbert figured he had better make the most of this situation.

Delbert picked up the crystal and ran for his life, what was left of it anyway.  At least he would have light and could see where he was going.

The roar of the magma caused Delbert to lose his hearing.  Once the heat in the tunnel became unbearable, Delbert stopped and turned around, shining the crystal in the direction of his adversary.

Delbert let out a roar of triumph.

Bright orange fire like magma came at him in a rush.  Suddenly there was nothing.  No sensation whatsoever.

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