AntiLite: Chapter 11 | Earth End


Above ground chaos had soared to a new level.  Word of mouth news had spread quickly all over the country that the moon had indeed crashed into the North Sea.  Using traditional methods of geological testing, a World Geological Survey field agent of the World Geological survey was able to confirm that this was indeed true.  Reports were spreading out of Russia that most of the northern territories were now enveloped by the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean.   To make matters even worse it was reported by a WGS agent on England’s west coast reported a tsunami headed out towards the ocean. Preliminary postulation was that the shock of the earth quake  from the impact of the moon was the cause.  It was also clear that both of the Americas would most likely be doomed once the gargantuan wave made landfall.

Then hell itself opened up in the form of a never before seen in England volcano.

Much of London was in shambles.   Theodore Redding and Vicar Nelson had moved their small group outside of Theodore’s home.

“We must pray for London in the open where people can see and know that we are not afraid.” said Nelson.  “If we can reach one more stranger in these end times, our whole lives will have been worth it.”

Nelson lead the group towards St. Paul’s.  In the one remaining light of the sign they praised God publicly and proclaimed the good news of salvation and all of His works publicly so that anyone passing by could hear them.

“Nobody is joining us.” mourned Theodore.

“That’s ok.  Few will listen, but we must keep telling people.  Till our breath runs out.” said Nelson calmly.

“Why would you not want in on this when we’re so obviously close to the end?” chirped Theodore.

“People generally want to run their own lives.  We have chosen to let Christ run ours.  All we can do is be faithful to Him in what we know to be true by His Word and let Him work out the rest.   We must always be willing to give an answer for the hope that we have.  Especially now.  And so that is why we do what we do.  Even if it costs us our lives.  It is an honor to suffer as Christ suffered.” stated Nelson with confidence.

Theodore nodded and the group continued with additional courage.  Some intrigued passers-by were added to their number over the course of time as the group continued to proclaim the holiness and righteousness of the Lord God Almighty especially in these most troubling times.

Because of their boldness, salvation came to several more people in the coming minutes.  This was encouraging and the group continued to praise God with renewed energy.

Theodore noticed the air temperature getting warmer.  He made a mental note and assumed it was just the warmth radiating off the people huddled together.  In the dim glow from the sign it soon became apparent that lava was beginning to pool nearby.  The group moved back as far as they could til they were cornered in St. Paul’s square.  Suddenly an aggressive wave of lava washed over the group consuming them all.


Kirkland awoke lying on his back on a landing of the stairwell in his building.  He decided he must have tripped.  He then remembered all the events leading up to the present moment and instinctively checked his wound.  He discovered that it had healed completely.  Kirkland was more confused than ever before.  Injuries like the many he had sustained did not heal so quickly under general circumstances.  Kirkland continued down the stairs.  Rounding the corner on another landing Kirkland was shocked to come across a human figure of of which radiated the most incredible light he had ever seen.  It was so bright he could not make out any of the features of this man.  The hidden  man said one sentence that to Kirkland’s shock he was able to hear clearly.

“It is time to make all things new.”

The next thing Kirkland knew, he was somehow transported into a place of immense light, but it did not bother his eyes.

“Yet another strange thing.” Kirkland muttered to himself.

As his eyes adjusted to the new conditions, Kirkland realized that the was surrounded by people.  Some near him were covered in blood.  Kirkland wondered how this had happened and how he had managed to escape this horrible incident.

The crowd began to press against him on all sides to form a line.  As Kirkland neared the front he saw the man shrouded in light that he had seen in the stairwell.  He also saw Theodore and the well dressed homeless man he had hit on the street just over a week ago.  Both were covered in blood.

Kirkland watched intently as the two got to the front of the line.  The intensely bright man welcomed the two of them and gave them white robes to wear.  They were then directed through a grand looking door at the end of the hall.

Suddenly Kirkland was catapulted past the others in front of him.  The bright man stared at Kirkland intently.  After a moment the man addressed Kirkland.

“Kirkland O’Flannery, though I made you, I do not know you.”

The man surrounded by light then instructed a hooded figure to take Kirkland away.  Kirkland was thrown out another door that he had not originally seen.  Suddenly he was enveloped by flames.  Kirkland wailed in torment. He was joined by a great chorus of voices of equally dismayed people.  Kirkland was in immense pain.  More than he had ever felt up to this point.  He was surprised that the was not dead.  He was burning up, he could feel it, but he would not die.

Then he realized where he was.

Kirkland was in hell, and the pain was never going to go away.  Suddenly his pain escalated even more.

Everything he had heard about the Lord God Almighty was true, everything he had mocked, creation, the existence of heaven, the existence of hell, the fact that he was not in control of his life.  Kirkland realized all the chances he had to avoid being in hell and he did not take one of them.

Kirkland was overwhelmed with sorrow and even more pain.  He wept bitterly.

This was it.  His pain would not end.  All sensation.  No relief.

Kirkland wept bitterly.



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