Beauty In Brief

It’s a bit late but I want to briefly discuss Sunday night.  Or Monday if you were in the Philippines.  Seemingly everyone tuned into the Miss Universe pageant.  There’s just one thing I don’t understand about the event.

So, if the pageant is supposed to empower women, why do they make them strip down to bikinis when they’re not going swimming. I never understood the point of  that part.  It seems contradictory.  On one hand the contestants are told to be a good role model for young girls, but the judges, and other random folks watching, for some strange reason need to see what they look like underneath the nice dresses they are currently wearing.  Can’t you just tell from the dresses?  That portion seems like a step away from what they try to accomplish during the rest of it.  The kids are bound to get mixed messages now.  These are just my thoughts,  maybe it was just the mood I was in this time around.  Congrats to Miss France for winning though

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