Blind…Visually Impaired….Perceptually Disabled?

I found this statement in my reading for school last night.  It’s taken from a segment that explains what is allowed to be copied under current Copyright laws in Canada.

Perceptually Disabled. Is this seriously the new term? Just call it what it is… Blind or Visually Impaired (I’m visually impaired and neither of those are offensive to me). Sometimes people try to be so politically correct that they don’t even make sense. “Perceptually Disabled” makes it sound like we don’t understand what’s going on around us ever.  I understand people are trying to be intelligent and come up with new phrases for things…but this one doesn’t make much sense.  However, it did give me, as well as several friends a good laugh.  On a serious note, there is a huge difference between being visually impaired and being brain dead.

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