Blurred: Not As Blind As You think I Am

Blurred Slider

“I notice your glasses are thick,” she said as she passed by me in the lobby of my local library.  “Do you have a problem with your eyes?”

“Yes, I can see things close up, but as they get farther away it becomes more challenging.” I didn’t want to get into the technical terms because this woman was just an average person off the street.

Then the inevitable testing questions begin.

“Can you see me?”


“How many fingers am I holding up?”


As if this was a good barometer for testing my sight.  She eventually got bored and walked away, but not before leaving without this statement.  “It must suck being blind.”

“It keeps things interesting.” I replied.

Not all blindness is the same.  Yes, my vision is horrible, but there are many people who have it worse.  You work with what you have.


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