Blurred: The Hangups

There are some hangups that other people have about living as a legally blind person, that I tend to have to clear up from time to time.  That is usually a good learning experience for them.

The following is the most common one.  Together we will look at others later.

“Don’t you need lots of help?” they sometimes ask, astonished.  Yes, of course there are times when I need help with some things, and when I do need help I ask for it.  My general day to day life is not much different than yours though.  Everyone, visually impaired or not, needs help from others sometimes.

I have been told by my friends that the fact that i live as a legally blind person and can be as independent as I am inspires them somehow.  I’m not sure why.  They would try to live as well as they could if they were in my position too.

It’s great that I inspire my friends, but what were they expecting me to do, fall into some sort of constant self pity and give up on everything?  I can’t do that!

Indeed, there are things I  worry about, but in the grand scheme of things, my life is no more scary than that of anyone else.

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