Blurred: The Over Helpers

Blurred Slider

It’s always interesting to see how people will react to my vision problems.  Some ask stupid questions, while others while try to help me too much.  I remember the first time I went kayaking.  The well meaning instructor knew I was legally blind, however she did not understand the vast continuum of visual situations that the term can cover.  We walked along a long portion of wharf leading from the life jacket station to the kayaks.  She walked beside me and pointed out every single crack between the boards.  I was thinking, all wharfs are like this, it’s not like the boards are far enough apart to actually trip.  Even if I was completely blind there was no way I was going to trip while walking along that wharf.

I do appreciate the effort though.  It’s nice to be noticed.  Where are you people when I’m ordering in a fast food restaurant?  It’s so hard to see what’s up on those small screens.

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