Canadian Election Debate Tonight

Hey folks,
If you’re Canadian this message is particularly important for you.  if you didn’t know, Canada is gearing up for another election.  The English debate between party leaders Stephen Harper (Conservative  Party of Canada) Michael Ignatieff (Liberal), Jack Layton (New Democratic Party), and Gilles Doucette (Bloc) takes place tonight at 8:00 Atlantic time, 8:30 in Newfoundland, 7:00 Eastern 6:00 Central 5:00 Mountain, 4:00 Pacific.  If you’re going to get out and vote. you may as well know what you’re voting for.  Check it out here.  If nothing else it may be good for a few laughs.

if you are accustomed to Français, the debate en Français will be on Wednesday (tomorrow, at the same time as listed above…in all four time zones)

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