COVID 19: April 14, 2021

Guess what?  The Atlantic Bubble isn’t happening on April 19th as was widely promised.  Instead it is being pushed back to May 3rd if people even feel like that.  What’s the point in making promises that you can’t deliver on.  It would have been far better for them to say that things are going to be like they are as far as we know.  Instead, we’ve opted with the carrot on a stick method, but it’s really on a fishing line, and it gets farther away.  I bet it won’t even happen on May 3, or 10, or 17.  Everyone just likes throughing random Mondays out there.  We aren’t going to see our families again.  Screen fatigue won’t be a huge deal because it will be a normal part of life.  We must accept that this is how it will be.  Since vaccines are not mandatory, COVID ZERO  will never be reached.   This is the only other option.  Throwing around fake hope with no plan of a guarantee.

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