COVID 19: April 21-25, 2020

I don’t understand how skateboarding, shooting hoops, and surfing all by yourself are all bad things to be doing right now, but what do I know?

I originally wrote the date as 3030. Then again, it is quite fitting for where my thoughts are today. I’ve developed a new way to cope with all of this. I assume that COVID 19 and lockdowns will last forever, and if anything better happens, that will be a bonus. It’s a reality that nobody anywhere wants to talk about, but to avoid it would be bad on another level. Even on forums dedicated to unpopular opinions, you don’t see this anywhere. The truth is, quarantine and lockdowns are here to stay, whether we like them (some people are having the time of their lives during this whole thing) or not. News agencies have a constant story with constant interest. Why would you not get as much out of this as you could. Politicians have people listening to them for once. In some ways, it’s the best thing that has ever happened for certain people. In other sobering ways, it’s totally not the best thing ever obviously. However, we must get used to it. Long hair will become normal for everyone. We will have to get used to seeing our friends and family only on screens. You could quarantine for two years or more and there will always be fear of another stronger wave coming later, so with no let up in the virus as of yet, the obvious tingh to do is to quarantine as much as we can forever. Of course that makes everyone frustrated and downtrodden, but that doesn’t change the very real truth. We need to learn how to thrive, or at least accept, this new very permanent situaiton we’ve been thrown into. The socials structures which we’ve taken for granted up til now will not do us any good anymore. <strong>Yes, I believe God is in control and He can do whatever He wants to for His glory.</strong> I also know that people can make idols out of community as much as solitude. Perhaps the Lord just might be trying to make a point here. We have very little control over anything in our lives on a good day. We cannot hinge all our hopes on timelines that keep extending. We are just humans. We don’t know everything. Everyone talks about being resiliant and bouncing back. Viruses don’t last forever, but this easily could be a generation long situation for all we know. I do not intend to bash social distancing, but with that comes the lack of herd immunity. Not being able to work closely together also slows down the manufacture of a permanent solution to this problem. Everywhere I look I read articles about how to get used to a world post COVID-19. The thing people don’t want to talk about is the fact that the way things are going now, this is a forever thing. Enough sadness for one day.


A list of things I’m looking forward to if this lock down decides to be finished.

  • Being with my Church family again in real life.
  • Visiting my regular family again in real life.
  • Walking in parks again.
  • Walking anywhere.
  • Seeing everyone not be afraid again.
  • Eating out anywhere
  • Going places
  • Keeping my distance as typical even before this, but seeing more people in the street.

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