COVID 19: April 5, 2021

We are making our way through our second Easter on screens.   it’s time to take the virtual out of our way of describing things and just say htat this is reality, if we are indeed still years away from finding a real way out of this thing.  Yes, there are vaccines, but for whatever reason we can’t seem to manufacture our own in this country.  Thus we must rely on the kindness of other countries to help us out.  This situation proves that we are far away from the One World utopia many seem to dream of.  Sure the bubble is coming, but that depends on whether people can keep it together over this holiday.  As we’ve seen in the past, this is a very difficut thing for some folks to do.  I would expect the opening of the bubble to be pushed back several weeks after a “sudden unexpected spike” in cases this week.  People who are elligable to be vaccinated for the most part aren’t even taking advantage of the opportunity that is afforded to them due to the fact that they fit the age requirements.  It makes me wonder if age cohorts are the way to go about this after all.  Governments and health officials would most likely get more uptake if the age restrictions were removed.  Then absolutely anyone who wanted to get a shot would be able to do so.    On the other hand, the way things are now, by the time it is my turn to get vaccinated, we are going to know so much about this vaccine that there will be no fear about it at all.

For the record, it is not a mark of the beast.  God uses people to accomplish His will.  It’s been that way since almost the very beginning.  I’m tired of writing this series.  I’d like to move on to writing about other things.  May as well make vaccinations mandatory no matter what.  It would speed things up for sure.  I’m bored about this being the only thing people are allowed to talk about.

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