COVID 19: December 22, 2021

I haven’t written about this topic much lately, as I thought it would be over by now.  In my last COVID-19 post I think I even declared it as the end of the particular blog series.  Turns out everyone was wrong.  Cases are going up everywhere.   Even in the midst of that, I personally have absolutely nothing to complain about.  In saying that, I hope I am not coming off as bragging.  There are lots of people who genuinely have things to complain about, and we should all do a better job of listening in those situations,  but I do not fit that category.  I have been undeservedly blessed to not be sick at all during this entire thing.  Being as vaccinated as I can be certainly helped.  Here’s hoping everyone can have as good of a Christmas (or whatever else you are into) as possible, even with increasing restrictions happening pretty much everywhere except Alberta.  Hope is the key.  Things got better before, they can get better again.

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