COVID 19: February 19, 2021

It is absolutely time to cancel everything for the rest of the year, and possibly next year.  This is a time for lament.  With 2021 clearly becoming a write off like last year, there’s no sense in hoping to celebrate Easter or Christmas in real life this year.  The variants are a huge problem and we need to do absolutely whatever it takes to stop, not slow down, stop, the spread.  Too many lives have been taken.  It doesn’t matter that my province has only 15 cases in just one area.  That is 15 cases too many!  We thought the Atlantic Bubble was awasome because whe live there, but it was obviously a very selfish thing indeed.  We were only thinking of ourselves and not the other folks in the country who will not get to see their distant relatives for years.  We should have been more considerate and lumped ourselves in the same boat.  Wave three is obviously punnishment for the way we bragged about handling the pandemic before.  We must handle this situation like one world.   That means adopting the most strict measures thought of, no matter what kind of cost comes of it.  We are all family, but we need to act the same as those who are affected the most in solidarity.  One world, One family.  Don’t make any fun plans in the future.  This is life.  We will not beat this thing on our own convenient schedules.

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