COVID 19: February 24, 2021

I just read news that the Atlantic Bubble is still 6 to 8 weeks away from being an ever so slightly possible reality again.  As much as everyone, including me, would like that to be true.  I don’t think I will hold my breath for anything positive like that to happen.  Why even bring up false hope at all?  This summer will be the same as the winter.  With the variants traveling around, we will still have to be just as careful as we are now.  This means that starting an Atlantic Bubble again would only thwart those efforts, as the mixing of people who live in different provinces has obviously had a negative impact on the course of this virus.  Sure we all want to see our out of province family members again, but as I keep being told by articles that I read, this will never be a safe option.  Nova Scotians need to hang around just Nova Scotians, as few as possible, and New Brunswickers need to solely hang out with New Brunswickers.  This is what we must do if we are going to take public health advice absolutely seriously as we should.  We must be willing to do whatever it takes in the name of safety.  We got through last year without hollidays and get togethers.  We can do it again.  The Maritimes was built on community, but if we are under the strange impression that we are going to beat this virus on our own strength, then a long streak of independence is what it may take.  We must be alright with that. To have life in all of its forms takes sacrifice.   Just like anything else, no amount of whining on Twitter will change these circumstances.  Change will occur in the every day actions of regular people.

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