COVID 19: January 29, 2021 CODE BLACK

It’s incredibly annoying how many things I’ve merely joked about in the past about this pandemic have actually come to pass.  Epidemiologist celebrities, they finally get their chance to be in charge, and Christmas over screens for examples.  I have a certain sense of humour where people think I’m being extreme and serious when I’m just joking.

Here’s the deal.  I don’t think the current colour coded restrictions will be enough to combat this oncoming third wave.  Yes we will be onto wave three of this thing very shortly, and it will be even worse than things are already.  And after that there will absolutely be fourth and fifth waves of ever increasing severity.  We will have to go back to the drawing board as far as any vaccine is concerned. Also, you will need to wear, at the very least, three N95 masks on your face at all times.  Layering is caring.  What we really need is code black.  You pick one room in your house and stay there.   You do not leave for any reason, and you are fed through a tube.  The only exception to this rule would be if you were lucky enough to pick the kitchen and have your food delivered to you every day.  Maybe, just maybe, you could talk to another family member through a vent, but in all reality, the vents should be sealed off to prevent further transmission of this pandemic.  If you did not pick the bathroom as your room to stay in, then you must deal with the physical consequenses of that yourself.  Going outside will be deemed too risky as the virus is airbourne and when you are outside you are exposed to all the air in all the world.  It’s too risky in a code black situation.  Yes, the social and physical consequences of Code Black are dire.  However, it’s better than dying of COVID 19 or worse, spreading it to someone else.   We need to accept the fact that we live in a bold new world where we cannot rely on the social structures which we had depended on for so very long.  Family, and friends.  We need to accept the fact that we will not see them again for the greater good in a Code Black situation.  Vacation time?  Forget about it.  That is a thing of the past in code black.  Vacations were just a social construct anyway.  All of those memes where they say “build a life you don’t want to take a vacation from.”  Code Black will take care of that for us whether we wanted this or not.  Welcome to the new world of complete independence, amd no attachments, whether we want it or not.

I’m so not looking forward to being right on this one.  I do not want to live in this kind of world.  Hopefully the Lord will be merciful.  We can’t get ourselves out of this one.  We were stupid enough to open the box in the first place.  We are humans.  We have to know.  We are curious  We just can’t leave well enough alone.  This will not go away on our efforts.  We will deal with the consequences of COVID 19 forever and ever.  We must accept that.  All of it.  Life is changed forever.   It will stink, but it’s for the greater good.  Nobody needed to die from this to begin with, and that hasn’t changed since.

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