COVID 19: May 19, 2020

It’s pretty great that over 50% of Canada’s COVID 19 cases have run their course.  The mask vs. no mask debate interests me today.  I figure, where a mask if you want to, or not.  Many will disagree with me for taking a neutral stance on this issue and that’s ok.  I don’t think abstaining from wearing a mask makes someone less intelligent.  In an increasingly deaf world, it will be harder to speak up and  be heard htan it was already.  People say that I don’t talk much as it is.  If I went into mask mode, then nobody would be able to hear me ever.  “You’re not social enough.  I can’t hear you!”  That’s too bad, random person.  It’s either this, or putting you at risk.  You’ll have to deal with my now muffled speech, forever and ever.  As I’ve said before, this thing is probably not ending.  The virus will go away, but the fear will stay.  Mask wearing is all about psychologically helping other people through this crisis and afterward.  I get that.  It will come at a cost of other things though.  You’ll never hear me clearly ever again.  No matter how much you want to.  You’ll have to live with that.

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