Creepy Emails: “Julia Woman”

Subject: Relationships without commitment, it is interesting to you?

Julia Woman <>

Have a nice day. You are an interesting person.
I understand very little about computers and the Net. Me in everything helps my girlfriend.
She helped me to find new friends on the dating site and find your mail.
I have no friends in Canada. so I decided to try find friends on the Internet.
I understand that it can be dangerous for me, because you never know who actually wrote you. And maybe this person is using other people picture. so told me that I should be using Skype.
And I hope you got it
I’m looking a serious relationship and are you?.
I need found new friends in Canada.
I wanted to start conversation.
I’m will travel in Canada in next month. Where lives my relatives. My visa is almost ready.
I want to stay in Canada. Find a nice job. Find a good man and create a family.
What city in Canada do you live?
will be good if you answer me.

Please write ONLY to my regular mailbox:


Dear Julia,

I bet you’re interesting too…but you don’t know me at all, and I certainly don’t know you, so I don’t think getting hot and heavy would be the best thing to do since I might disappoint you after coming all this way.  Coming to Canada to visit your relatives is a great idea,  It is a large country though.  I doubt very much that you could find me haha.  Creating a family is also a great goal but you have to understand that these things take time, commitment, and effort.

You also need to work on your grammar.  Thanks for your enthusiasm though.

I wish you well in your endeavors.

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