Creepy Emails: Marina



I have no clue how to start this letter.

The fact is I am addressing a man in the Internet for the very first time.

I am really excited and lost.

Are you available? Are you looking for a woman for getting rid of dark thoughts and becoming a family?

I want a person who値l love me and treat me right! I need a male to develop love with!

You made me really interested in you.

I am Marina.

I added my pictures to help you remember me.

If you , please answer ONLY to my private e-mail:

I’m looking forward to your answer to my letter. Write me back, please! I guess you liked me.

I will be hoping to receive your message.

Have a good day! See you!

Thinking of you



You shouldn’t talk to strangers on the internet.  They may blog about your dating scam.

I hope you find love, but it’s hard to think of someone who you don’t even know.   How do you plan on taking bad thoughts away from whoever it is you end up with?

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