Austin Dillon Gets Daytona Pole, Danica: Confident and Solid

Austin Dillon and his #3 Chevy won the pole for the Daytona 500.  This is a big deal for a lot of people, so I figure I should mention it here and give him props since he’s a rookie.


Now onto Danica Patrick.  We all know she’s extremely beautiful.  Have you also noticed the huge improvement in her stock car driving abilities between last year and this?  She was good before, but now even better.  She was solid in the Shootout for last year’s pole winners on Saturday night.  She made great decisions in the draft and kept it together until her boyfriend wrecked her…because he apparently couldn’t see over his hood.  She had tremendous car control during that spin and kept it off both walls.  That my friends is a difficult thing to do.  I think she will do very well this year if people don’t wreck her accidentally…or worse…on purpose.  It will be exciting to watch.


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