Do Not Steal

15 “You shall not steal. (Exodus 20:15)

This one is not complicated.

When you steal, you hurt yourself, your friends, and you hurt God.  He loves you dearly, but He doesn’t like it when His people (who He loves) steal.

That’s why God provides people with employment opportunities…though you may have to earnestly seek them depending on where you live.   God intended work to be a good thing.  It was created before sin entered the world.

If you want something, the best way to get it is to save money and get it yourself.  If you don’t have a way of saving money for yourself…you need to find one.  It should be a legal job.  Selling drugs doesn’t count as a job…that just gets you in trouble.

If it’s something you absolutely need, you could borrow it from a friend and pay him back later.  Stealing just isn’t worth it though.  All the effort you have to go through to plan how you’re going to do it.  What would happen if you got caught?  You might get in a fight that you did not intend.  You’ll probably get hurt or arrested, and you’ll lose a friend…or a possible friend if you’re stealing from someone you don’t know.

Simply put, just don’t do it.

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