Do Rats Laugh? Either Way You Made The Best Of It

AUGUST 19, 1926 – APRIL 14, 2011
This one goes out to a man who was larger than life in some ways.
One of the smartest people I have ever known.
He could fix anything with dental tape.
..and would only resort to duct tape if for some reason the dental tape failed.
He could do a lot with a little.
You had to when you grew up in the midst of the Great Depression.
He was a man who never took life too seriously…except when he absolutely had to.
He could find the funny in almost every situation.
He made difficult things easier.
He was musically talented.  Master of the Harmonica, Therimin, and “Ugly Stick”
This was a man who has been on all 7 continents.
A man who planned his wedding day to be on the same day as his birthday so that he could receive his best and longest lasting lasting birthday present.  His wife Agnes.
A man who facilitated an impressive and fulfilling 58 year marriage.
Upon her passing he longed to see her again.
Now he gets to.
84 years (and change)
1 Wife
2 Kids
6 Grand kids
This is a man who has affected many lives, possibly more than he’ll ever know.
You’ve had a good run,.
It’s been a pleasure to have known you and to call you Grandpa.
Now to my original question, Do rats laugh?
Does it really matter?  You’re having a blast now!
See you someday
Enjoy eternal life!

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