Don’t Put All Your Stock In Sports Heroes

And you’re thinking, Why would anyone do that?  Some people do, like Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans for example. (crazy people).  Anyway, back to my main point.  There are people out there who put all their faith behind athletes.  I have never had any reason to do that, haha.  All the teams I tend to go for always end up being let downs.  The Toronto Maple Leafs have not been in the running for a Stanley Cup for quite a while.  In Baseball it has been the same for the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians. 

Also, in NASCAR, Kurt Busch keeps getting himself in trouble and alienating people from himself.  The latest bad news surrounding him has been the Homestead run in with Dr. Jerry Punch.  Punch tried to interview Busch right after his transmission failure.  (In hindsight it might have been better to wait a while, until Busch was less angry over that incident).  Busch ripped into Punch, saying a lot of nasty things to him that will not be repeated here…It’s on Youtube if you want to see it.  Busch did apologize to everyone involved who may have possibly been hurt by his actions (which were far from admirable).  This capped off Busch’s worst season and year in the sport.  Busch may have had more bad luck in life this year than most people would want in a lifetime, and unfortunately, he released on his team whenever things weren’t going well.

After the race at Homestead, Steve Addington (Busch’s Crew Chief) announced he was leaving Kurt Busch’s team and Penske Racing in general.  Roger Penske (the man who owns Busch’s race team) must now find a suitable Crew Chief for Busch.  If that position is not filled by someone, it is detrimental to the race team as a whole.  (It’s impossible to win races without a Crew Chief.)  Hopefully someone will step up and work with Busch next season and beyond.  It would be a shame if he couldn’t race…because he is a good driver.  Hopefully next season will go better for Busch.

Sorry, that was a bit of a rabbit trail.  Anyway my main point was to not put all of your stock in sports heroes because they will more than likely let you down.  They are human after all.

God will never let you down though.

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