DVD Menu Debacle

It was a fresh August  evening in the rural town which I currently call home.  I had finished everything I had planned to do for the day and was getting ready to relax for a while.  I figured I would watch some re runs of Friends, which I had stowed away in my room just waiting for the next time I would watch them.

I bring them up to the living room where some of my family is eagerly waiting to watch.

I load the DVD into the player, and the menu pops up with options for “Play All,” “Episodes,” “Languages,” and “Special Features.”  Nothing unusual there.  I press the arrow button on the remote so that I can select the episode I want, but it continually moved three options over towards the special features option at the very end.

At first I thought I had pressed the button too hard.  So I kept trying, being as gentile as I thought I could.  This went on for 15 minutes…

…Until I realized I was holding the remote upside down…

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