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Geoff and Loretta made their way down to the city morgue.  For a building with one purpose it was still confusing to find one’s way around.  Sweating with anticipation the couple arrived at drawer P-189147125.  “There are an awful lot of people stored here.  Good thing this place is labeled in alphabetical order.” Geoff quipped, trying to ease the tension to no avail.

Geoff opened the drawer.  Upon seeing her youngest son’s cold, stiff body for the first time, Loretta began to sob uncontrollably.

Geoff frantically called for help from the morgue attendants.  They came immediately, upon hearing the noise, to help him wrap Richard’s body and prepare it for transport inside the Pringle family car. There were funeral arrangements to be made.  Not a word was spoken between the two as they quietly made their way out of the morgue.  As Geoff drove home and pondered this recent turn of events, he noticed his wife pass out in the passenger seat.  Fortunately they were in the parking lot of their condo.  Geoff carried his wife from the car to the condo and laid her in bed.  She needed her rest.  He checked her pulse.  It was still there!  Sighing with relief, Geoff sat by his wife and tended to her.

After a period of time which seemed to last forever, Loretta finally recovered from her fainting spell.

“Honey, You’re awake!  This is fantastic,” said Geoff.

Loretta rolled her eyes groggily.  Sometimes Geoff could be too enthusiastic, but he did know how to take care of her all these years and she was grateful for that.  Loretta got out of bed to get herself a drink of water.

After seeing that everything was in working order with Loretta, Geoff turned his situation back to the elephant in the room.   He pounded out David’s number on his cell phone.  He had to reach him and inform him of his brother.  then they could make plans together as to what the next step would be as far as celebrating Richard’s memory was concerned.  Much like Loretta’s original call, however, David would not answer.

Sweat poured down Gerald’s face.  It was not like David to be late with returning calls.  Putting on his shoes, Gerald caught Loretta’s eye.  “I’m going to the cabin to find David.  If he won’t answer his phone maybe I can talk some sense into him if I go see him personally,” said Geoff.

“See you later dear, be safe.”  Loretta said.

Geoff rushed out of the condo toward his car.  He had no idea what was happening to David to make him act this way, but he knew he had to get to him quickly.  It’s what fathers were supposed to do.  Be there for their children.  Even when their children were adults themselves.

Geoff pulled out into the street and began to work his way through traffic.  Something was not right about this situation.  He hoped he was not too late.  Geoff tried to not think about the worst possible situation, however, with the way his day was going so far, that was going to be impossible.

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