Exit: The Visit


“You wish to see David Pringle?” The security guard growled.  “He’s one of the most dangerous men we have in the building!”

“I do not care,” said Richard calmly, “He is my brother, and my wife here can take care of herself just fine.  Though it seems strange to me that a fully qualified security guard such as yourself could be afraid of one man.”

The security guard briefly turned red at Richard’s feeble attempt to emasculate him.  The unfortunate part was, it worked.

“Very well,  I will take you and your lady to his room, though I insist on standing guard during this meeting, should he lash out in any way. He was placed in here because he beat up a news reporter in a fit of rage before trying to take his own life.

Richard and Olive cringed at the idea of this.  After a moment Olive softly said, “These things may have happened in the past, but don’t you think a man can change?”

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” said the security guard gruffly.

He then proceeded to acquiesce to their request, taking the couple to David’s room.

Richard knocked on the door in a casual manner, then once more, a little louder seeing as there was no response the first time.

A white coated doctor rushed toward them when he saw what was going on, Richard quickly got his attention.

“We’re here to visit my brother, we’ve received clearance up to this point.  Is it alright if we enter his room?” Richard said.

“David is sedated right now,” replied the doctor, “since it is a reasonable time of day, I suppose I could ease up on the drugs so he can have a pleasant conversation with you.”

“That would be appreciated,” said Olive.

The doctor disappeared into a small room adjacent to David’s.  He turned back some dials and activated a lever which opened the large metal door revealing David lying in the middle of a white cushioned floor amidst white cushioned walls and more than adequate lighting.

Richard and Olive stepped inside, followed by the security guard.

The door slid shut behind them, but did not lock in case there was an emergency which necessitated a quick escape.


David awoke to what seemed like a blinding light.  It was the same every time.  He hated this part.

Suddenly things became different.  As his vision cleared, David saw three figures.  Two he did not know, and one that looked shockingly like his brother Richard!

David immediately got up and hugged his brother.

“Richard!  My brother, sweet death has finally taken me too and we are reunited!” David exclaimed.

Richard was taken aback by the fact that his brother thought he was dead, but then he remembered that a significant amount of time had passed.  He camly placed his hands on David’s shoulders.

“David,” he said, “Neither of us are dead.  We are in the flesh here on earth.”

At this revelation David let out a scream and ran toward one of the soft cushioned walls and began banging his head repeatedly.  The security guard took out a sedative gun and knelt to take aim.

“Don’t shoot whatever that thing is!” said Richard.  “I can deal with this.”

Richard and Olive walked slowly toward David.

“David,” Richard began, “Why are you reacting this way,”

“They informed me through ear implants from which I get my daily news that mom and dad had disposed of your body in a cemetery two days ago.  As far as the world is concerned.  You are dead.”  David said.

Richard tried to remain stoic as this new information came upon him.

“I can understand why you would feel this way, being fed information that turned out not to be true,” said Richard.

“I always thought you were still alive somewhere.  I searched all over those woods trying to find you.  Mom and Dad thought I had lost you in a horrible accident and was just trying to cover for it.  Nobody would believe me when I was telling the entire truth.  So that’s how i ended up here as far as I can tell.  My only question for you is where on earth did you go?” said David.

“Here’s where it gets a bit crazy.  I didn’t stay on earth if you can believe that.  I went to get the toolbox like you told me to and I was suddenly transported to this other world where to make a long story short, I married this wonderful woman named Olive,” said Richard.

Olive extended her hand.  “Pleased to finally meet you.”  She said.

“You’re the woman from Richard’s dreams!  Even those were true!  Congratulations on your marriage!”  David said.  He was more happy than he could remember being in years.

“You are correct,” Olive said.

“This is almost unbelievable!  It’s like a novel, except that it’s all true!” said David “Brother!  We could write one together.  Then perhaps Mom and Dad will believe me.”

“That sounds like a good idea, but first let’s get you out of here,” said Richard.

Richard motioned to the security guard.  “Good sir!  Could you summon David’s team of doctors?” Richard inquired.

The security guard left.  Two minutes later the entire team of doctors attending to David was assembled in front of them.

David had his arms around Richard and Olive’s shoulders.

“Doctors,” said Richard.  “It is my belief that this man no longer needs to be confined to this cell.  He is much happier and more stable than any of you have seen since he first got here.  When can he be discharged from the hospital?  He has a wife and kids that he needs to get back to.  This is no way for a man to spend the rest of his life!”

The doctors all agreed that David was much more stable than before.  “Consider your inquiry granted,” stated the lead doctor.  Discharge papers were filled out and David was allowed to leave in the care of Richard and Olive.

Once on the street David tapped Richard on the shoulder and said “thanks for getting me out of there.”

“It was no problem, I was happy to do it,” said Richard.   “Let’s take you home.  I’m dead so I don’t need to be in to work at the Library in the morning.   What’s a few more days vacation going to hurt?  It’s been a while since I’ve been out West.”

“But…” Olive said.

“The truth will be revealed in good time, my dear.”  Richard interrupted.

“Looks like we’ll have to book a flight,” said David.

“We’ve already got one.  It’s time for a new adventure,’ said Richard.  Taking out the orb he instructed it to land the space craft in a nearby field in full view of everyone.  It immediately appeared.  The trio ran toward it.  In all the excitement Richard forgot to ask the Orb to transport them on board immediately.  So they entered the ship through the traditional hatch that Richard had installed.  Gripping the controls one more time, Richard set the invisibility device and they were off.


David sat behind the new to him couple.  He was completely amazed that all of this was really happening.  Soon he would be reunited with his own children.

“Hello David,” said the all too familiar Voice.

“What could you possibly want now!” David whispered in anger anger.  “Just when my life is next to perfect again, you have to open your big mouth and show up again.  What do you need to ruin now?”

“I just wanted to say congratulations.  You were right all along.  If you don’t mind,  I think I’ll go talk to someone else for a while,” said the Voice.

“You have no idea how much I’d appreciate that,” said David.

Suddenly, it was as if a large weight was lifted from his entire body.  David had more energy and enthusiasm than he’d had for a very long time. For the first time in years he actually felt good.  Everyone was where they should be, and they were on their way home.  What more could he want?


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