Another one of my least favourite months of the year…along with November.  Let me tell you why.  February is in the middle of winter and it’s very cold and that’s when the snow and ice get most intense, which makes it difficult to walk around anywhere without slipping.  This is bad if you have bad balance.

Another thing I don’t particularly like about February at the moment (my opinion could change in years to come…who knows) is the hype that Valentines Day gets.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a day where you can celebrate love (in fact you should be doing that every day if you can) but the nagging that single people seem to get on that day (because they “haven’t found someone yet” and that’s a bad thing) gets annoying from time to time.  The non-single people who do this nagging have no idea that some of us may in fact be trying, but perhaps we just haven’t gotten there yet.  Yet being the key word.

So that’s my rant on February.  We’ll all get through it together.

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