Free and Unlimited? Not Really

As my disk space usage creeps up past the 2/3 mark, on my cpanel,  I have come to realize something.  Eventually, the blog will have to change formats again.  I thought the unlimited part meant unlimited storage, but that’s not what the meter would have me believe.  There would be a sideways 8 going on instead of a limiting number if that were the case.  Maybe the unlimited part of “Cloud hosting that’s free and unlimited” was referring to something else.  This is a shame because I really enjoy x10 hosting and their services, even if my domain is Mexican.  I can write about whatever I want (not the case with blogs) and it doesn’t cost me anything!  That part is very true.  I may not rank high in the search engines but  that just means that whoever finds my stuff in s search engine has a genuine interest in whatever I have to say.  Sure, I could buy Canadian hosting and be boosted in Google, but I’ve never been about having millions of people read my stuff.  If people are wandering through the internet, come across me, and like what they read than that’s fantastic!

For now there is still disk space to fill.  Let’s enjoy it!  When it comes time to move on to something new, I’ll let you know.  In the time being I’ll keep writing right here til there’s no space left.  It’s far from over.  Thanks for reading.

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