Getting Glasses: The Complete Story

For the record, I am what they call “legally blind.”  I can still see, but my prescription is very strong so getting glasses becomes like an election campaign where I go to several different vendors to see who can give me the best deal.

Now that you have all the background information you need, let’s get on with the story!


The first place I checked was Walmart, The last time as mentioned in “Getting Glasses”  they mentioned they couldn’t help me so I wasn’t expecting much.  This time, low and behold Walmart had the best price…or so I thought…and they said their lab could actually do my prescription.  So I let them have a crack at it.

Weeks later the lab realized that they actually couldn’t do it without using this crazy thing called a Myo Disk….which I never use and it would be difficult to get used to under those circumstances

Their yes suddenly became a no.  I’m not really surprised.

Time to start the process all over again with another vendor.

I head into Vogue Optical to see what they can do for me.  They see that my prescription is insane and hand me over to their most experienced staff member who had 35 years of experience in the industry.  He began to lament about how thick my lenses were going to be even thicker than before because my prescription had gotten considerably worse than before.  He lamented that they don’t make oval frames anymore and that was the reason why lenses were going to be thicker.  Square lenses make everything thicker and that was all they had.  He then bragged about his 35 years of experience and said that I only had options for a plastic lens since it was not possible to cut glass that thick.

He spoke with authority as he said all these things.  He gave me the price of $1,200, but he could throw in a $160 set of frames for free.  He made it sound like I was getting this great deal, but all I was wondering was how much of a mark up are you putting on the price of lenses that you can throw in a free frame valued at $160 and still make money?  What’s the real price to make the lenses?  I did not voice these questions.    I was also informed to   It would take 2 months to make the lenses.  (over twice as much as I’m used to paying).  He then said that he got to call the shots on the type of lens and frame ,that he was in the drivers seat and for me to “not let anyone tell me any different”.   (Which always means to get a second opinion by the way…when anyone says that).  I’ve been around the block on this a few times and knew there was bound to be a better option elseware…though I didn’t say that to his face.  I had a thinner glass lens than what he was talking about in my current set of glasses as it was, so I set off to another place after thanking him for his help.

I returned to Hakim Optical and they were able to hook me up with everything I wanted and needed for my new prescription, oval frames and thin glass lenses, for less than half the price of Vogue Optical.  The staff who helped me there were very knowledgeable and helpful.  I figured I’d end up using their excellent services again…even if my prescription was a “doozy.”

It’s only going to take them 2 weeks to make the lenses….from the same lab that Vogue Optical would have dealt with.  Not sure why Vogue would have taken so much longer.  I’m looking forward to the results from Hakim Optical.  They did a great job last time and I’m sure the same will happen this time


This article originally appeared in A Thicker Lens and has re-posted and adapted with permission…which wasn’t hard to get because I write that blog too.  I don’t usually double post on both blogs…but this was an exception.

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