“Hal” The Dog

You can be witness to some funny things in my town if you’re in the right place at the right time.  This story is about a dog…it’ll be fun.

Here goes. 

Apparently “Hal” the dog (as he was called by his owners) did not want to come home as he ran past me with his owners chasing him in their car block after block. Every time “Hal” would stop, the distressed teenager and her mother would get out and call for him…and then “Hal” would run up another block and they would get back in their car and chase after “Hal” again, til he stopped and taunted them again with the same result. This trend continued for three blocks until they finally got ‘Hal” and they were able to take a very disgruntled “Hal” home…Interesting entertainment for the walk back from the post office.

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