We in Western culture live in a pluralistic society where anything goes. According to pluralism it diesn’t matter what you believe, God will still love you because God is love…right? Wrong, God is not love…love is an attribute of God which he mercifully bestows upon his creation, but it is not the ultimate attribute. Ultimately God is holy and cannot handle sin. If we spend our entire lives in sin, not really giving a crap about what God thinks about it…Guess where we’re going when it comes time for us to die, it’s not heaven. Our default destination is Hell, that’s right HELL. Hell is a real place and the suffering and pain are just as painful as you read about. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ that is where you will end up. Fortunately God is merciful and has allowed us a way back to him through the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. He died for all of our sins past, present and future. However, that does not mean we should continue to live our lives in sin. We must repent and turn away from our sinful nature and seek to be more like Jesus every day.


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