I Wonder How David Brin Feels Right About Now

It’s the year 2013.  The United States Government has collapsed.  Eerily similar to David Brin’s 985 book “The Postman”  where in 2013 the United States is decimated by internal conflict to the point where they have no government.  Hopefully there will be no Survivalists in the real version though.  They were mean.  It’s strange how similar the two events are in ways.  However, Brin’s book was supposed to be a work of Science Fiction!  (and a really good one too).  Hopefully the United States will be able to solve whatever the problem is.  I have no answers for them as I am not an American and am watching this unfold from the outside.  Hopefully they can pull out of it though.

As for “The Postman,”  It’s a great read.  You should check it out.  I’m going to do a review on it later.  (That’s why I didn’t reveal too much of the plot).

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