Ideas to Make the NASCAR Racing Season Even More Interesting (Volume 1)

Idea #1

The Big race at Talladega Superspeedway is this weekend in Talladega AL. U.S.A.
It’s a big 2.66 mile track. the largest and fastest track on the circuit. It’s so fast they need restrictor plates for teh engines so the cars don’t go dangeoursly fast into the corners. This causes the field to race in tight packs so the possibility for things to go wrong is elevated. A driver could go from leading the points to being behind by a significant margin if he gets caught in an intense accadent.

The way the schedule is right now Talladega is in the middle of the “Chase for the Cup” which is the 10 race stint where the top 12 in points have their points equalized to a certain extent and they duke it out to the finish. Anything can happen at Talladega. If a high ranking driver gets caught in a wreck, hopes are not completely dashed because there are still 3 races left on less demanding tracks where he can gain back points.

I think they should make Talladega the season finale! That would be so much more intense!!! in 2004 Kurt Busch won the championship by 8 points!!! That was Epic!!! If the finale were held at Talladega we could have more exciting points finishes like that!!!

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Idea #2

Move the All Star Race (with that Million Dollar victory purse prise) from Charlotte to Bristol! A little half mile track with close bumper to bumper action!

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Idea #3

Include a road coarse race in the Chase portion (they have 2 in the regular season) just to shake things up a bit!

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