Insecure Hippo Character Guide

The Main Cast

Insecure Hippo (Tchad)
Our brave protagonist.  He just wants to live and not cause much trouble.  In spite of this, he ends up dealing with conflict between friends, co workers, and random hippos he barely knows.  His way of thinking is different from average, and that can cause frustration amongst those who he comes in contact with.  This is where he gets all of his tension from.  If life were easy, where would the fun be?



Jaundice Hippo
Best friends forever with Tchad, whether Tchad likes it or not.  Jaundice Hippo gets his name from the disease itself.  He contracted his version from his bad habit of excessive drinking.  Almost always up to no good, you never know what he’ll be up to next.  Sometimes, he’s pure evil, other times, not so much.




Dyll Hippo
Cousin to Tchad.  He gets way to interested in our protagonist’s personal life, often trying to set him up on dates, or move the relationship to the next level for him.

Dyll’s passionate love for his wife Lilly can often drive a wedge between he and Tchad.   However, when we learn that Tchad used to date her prior to Dyll interfering and going all the way, you can kind of understand.




Lilly Hippo
Wife of Dyll and former one off date with Tchad, Lilly keeps Dyll in line and often helps him with his schemes.





Rita Hippo
The eventual wife of Jaundice Hippo.  Rita is a continual activist.  Her tattoo will change every once in a while to reveal the cause she is currently fighting for.







What about the villins?  Admittedly there are many of them.  Some of them are long running while others get one or two appearances so far.  So instead of me giving you a cheat sheet for them, the best way to learn about their stories is to read.

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