Is NASCAR’s New Elimination Format Causing Too Much Stress?

I find it interesting that there have been two major brawls (the second one was far worse than the first) in the last three weeks of NASCAR competition.  It’s also interesting that they both involved Brad Keselowski.  (He has no friends anymore.)

Brawl #1 at Charlotte

Brawl #2 at Texas

I get that NASCAR wants the most excellent racing, and it has been incredible, but they used to but a good 10 years in between brawls.  Now with this new format, the fights are becoming common place, due to the stress of competition and getting really angry at cheap shots on the track.  Last week’s fight after the race at Texas was the first one to draw blood since Jimmy Spencer very stupidly punched Kurt Busch in the nose (subsequently breaking it) after a race at Michigan in 2003.

Last week’s incident was much more dangerous involving many more people, including innocent bystanders like ESPN Pit Reporter Jamie Little.

I wonder if this will be the end of the post race violence, or will someone have to get trampled before drivers and crew members realize how stupid these brawls are?

We’ll have to wait and see.  In my opinion, no matter how badly you finish in a race because of the stupid actions of someone else (Jeff Gordon said what we were all thinking).  It’s not worth killing someone over.  If these post race brawls continue, I’m afraid this may unintentionally happen.

Drivers are paid to drive, not fight.

But that’s just my opinion.

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