It’s a Library, Not a Battlefield!

My reaction to a news item I read yesterday:    

WARNING:  What you are about to read should shock you, and leave you disgusted!

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So you’re minding your won business in your local Toronto library on a busy Thursday afternoon where many others like yourself  are finding solace after a busy workday in a good book.  Suddenly a man approaches you, pepper sprays you and the proceeds to shoot you in the back, thus killing you, WITH A CROSSBOW in your own library!

This actually happened to a guy yesterday.  What’s wrong with that picture?  For one thing, Libraries are supposed to be peaceful and quiet so that people can enjoy their reading…or at least research in peace.  Libraries are not places where one thinks of having to defend ones own life.  They are supposed to be safe typically.  Unfortunately, some delirious individual bucked that trend yesterday when he walked into a Toronto library and approached another man, subsequently pepper spraying him and shooting him in the back with a crossbow leaving him dead at the scene, as he walked out of the library in a CALM state (after all it is a library) as an onlooker ran after him to get the licence plate of the truck he got away in.  The perpetrator of this act was subsequently arrested by RCMP.

This story still leaves me with a few questions though.

1.  HOW DO YOU HIDE A CROSSBOW IN THAT SITUATION?  The guy most likely had to come into the library through the front door….unless he knew of some other entrance.  And if he came through the front door, wouldn’t some staff member have noticed the crossbow and asked him about it?  A crossbow is no small thing.

2.  IT WAS CROWDED IN THERE, WOULDN’T SOMEONE HAVE NOTICED HIM AND WHAT HE WAS ABOUT TO DO?  With as many people as were in the library and all the facts I listed in question 1, wouldn’t someone have noticed the oddity of a man carrying a crossbow and then prevented him from carrying out his act.  Perhaps they were afraid he would pick them off too.  There was the one guy who took down the killer’s licence plate number that contributed to the killer’s arrest.

3.  WHAT WAS HIS MOTIVATION?  This guy must have had a hate on this other guy in order to kill him in a library in front of many people…or perhaps he was mentally challenged and liked using crossbows.  Either way it’s not right!

4.  HE DID HIS ACT IN A CALM MANNER?  How can a person who is about to kill someone do it so calmly and without remorse.  He had to have had a messed up perception of real life.

Moral of the story: People can be quite disturbing sometimes!

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  1. This senseless violence has to stop!When will people learn to get along?

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