Killing Babies: Should Murder Be Legal Too?

Would you kill a cute toddler?  Of course not.  What about an embryo?

Abortions are on the rise all over the world, it’s no laughing matter.

I really don’t get this.  Abortion is the same as murder really.  Yet, it’s totally legal pretty much everywhere in the world.  However, when someone murders someone they get life in prison.  Yet, a person can kill their child and just walk away with no penalty.

The truth is that babies are legitimate babies long before they come out…of you know where.

Everyone just wants to have sex without having any of the “consequences.”  So they go on and do that and get a “procedure” done to remove the “burden” of a baby.
Thus killing the baby.  Yes, kiiling the baby.  This cuts a life off.  A life that God made, and had plans for.  A life of a child that would grow up, make great contributions in the world.  This child could grow up, marry, and have a family of his own that he would provide for.

Killing babies affect many more lives down the line than just the one.

If abortion is legal.  Why not make murder legal too, then everyone could just rub out whoever they didn’t like.  But we can’t do that because there would be chaos. We’d be rubbing out providers and those who are trying to change the world for the better.  Why can’t we give the kids the same  chance?

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