Lust For Death: In The News

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If you watch or listen to the news on any given night in the run of headlines, what do you see first?  It’s always some tragic accident, or horrible thing done on purpose that killed a lot of people.  This is usually followed by other horrible political things but death always comes first in news headlines. The more violent the better, it seems.

The more shocking the story, the more people killed needlessly, that’s what apparently makes for a good news story these days.

Perhaps we’d see less violence and death if the news stopped reporting on it.  But it keeps happening and we continue to tune in.  We’re hooked.

On one hand, if it’s not reported then people who want to help in spite of the atrocities would never know what was happening.

On the other much bigger hand, with everyone’s longing for fame, whether for good or bad reasons, when murder gets reported in the news it gives other people the idea to try it.  After all, what is rewarded is repeated.  Sure thousands of people will needlessly die in the process but at least they’ll talk about the killer, and that (seems to be) the important thing.

Death sells.  Everyone knows that, and they’ll do whatever they can to cash in on it.  More on that later.

As for the rare good things that happen in life.  Nobody wants to talk about that.

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