Mercy And Grace In The Midst Of Stupidity

I’m writing about this so that I don’t forget this very quick yet amazing event of God’s provision in my life.

It was a Monday evening in late August.  I was out riding my bike with my dad and it was going great.  I was having one of the best rides of the summer.  The place where I was biking was a long, narrow dirt road.  I went down this long straight hill…expecting to keep going straight.  I picked up quite a bit of speed…which was to be expected as I had ridden through here many times.  However, this time my bike suddenly snapped to the left and I was out of control about 3 quarters of the way down the hill.  Instead of going straight.  I went off the dirt road and into the woods, over a 4 foot drop into an extremely muddy ravine…and then I tipped over and hit my head on the ground.  Good thing I was wearing my helmet….but that’s not where it ends.  Then my bike proceeds to roll over top of me.  At one point my head is holding up both the weight of me…and the weight of the bike.  At this point I realize that my neck could snap and it would only be by the grace of God if it didn’t….then the bike came crashing down on my right ankle.

As it turns out, the Lord was and is not finished with me yet.  Dad dragged me out and checked for injuries.  I only had a few scrapes.  We then proceeded home.  It would take me the rest of the night to get all the mud off me.

And yes, my foot was incredibly tense the next day considering all that had happened, but the Lord healed me in just a day.  I was out riding again by Thursday.  (albeit much more carefully)

The sunset in the featured image of this post was taken a few days after.  One I wouldn’t have been able to see if the Lord had decided to do things differently that night.  Either way I would have been OK with it.  He’s got the plan and He can decide when my life will end.  My whole life is in His hands as it is and He still has a purpose for me being on this earth.  I’ll be happy to see that through til He actually calls me home….not just when I think it might happen.

I won’t take that night for granted.  That’s why I’m writing about it here so I don’t forget.

A word of advice: always check to make sure your handlebars are good and tight.

God is good all the time, even when I’m biking too fast down a hill and surely deserve whatever would happen next.

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