Movie Review: Jesse Stone Series

It’s been a while since I wrote any movie reviews on here.  I thought I would give it a shot again with the Jesse Stone series.  Yes there will be spoilers since this series has been around for a while.  Jesse Stone is based on a series of detective novels by Robert B. Parker.  Tom Selleck plays the protagonist and the films are on location in areas where I grew up.  It’s been fun seeing all the local spots again.

Tom’s character is deeply troubled with drinking and relationship issues, a stark difference to his character in Blue Bloods.  But, you still root for him because it’s Tom and you want to see him overcome things.  Near the end he is held at gunpoint twice and is totally chill about it.  I don’t know if I would be so chill in the same situation.  Hopefully I don’t have to find out.

Night Passage is the second film that was made for the series, but it is the first as far as the books and chronology go.  It documents Jesse’s trip from Los Angeles to Paradise, Massachusetts, but in reality it is Nova Scotia.  Which as I’ve said before, is fun for me.  He gets fired for drinking on the job in L.A. and Paradise becomes the perfect place for him to rebuild his career.  It was extremely sad when he had to put his dog down amidst his complicated new friendships with women.  All of his guy friends are cops that he works with at the station.  We get introduced to all the main characters.  A good start to the series.

Up Next: Stone Cold (2004)

This may be shorter than you were expecting, but if I give away too much, you may not want to see the movies.


Alright, here’s the thing.  I watched al of the rest of them and forgot to do individual reviews on each movie, so this will become a series review.   All in all I liked it.  Jesse goes through three Golden Retrievers.  One even sits on the bed next to him finally in movie 8.  It bothered me that most of his stable friends disappeared or were killed.  Maybe movie 10 will wrap things up nicely.

Also that Brahms piece was fantastic.

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