My Date With The DMV

It may seem odd for a person who is legally blind, and not allowed to drive, to have anything to do with the Department of Motor Vehicles, but I did indeed have to make an appointment there one time.

I was in need of a some government issued identification, and the Department of Motor Vehicles is the place to get it.  They’re more than just drivers licenses and plate registration you know.

I enter my local branch of the DMV.  Surprisingly, I did not have to wait all morning for the staff to call my number.  It only took 10 minutes for them to get to me.  I thought that was fantastic!

I get called up to the person at the first desk.  I don’t know what her name was, but let’s call her Shelly.   she was very polite and professional, going over all my paperwork to make sure I had everything I needed.  She informed me that she did not have a camera at her station to take my picture.  She kindly suggested that I should  visit one of her colleagues on the other side of the room.  So I walked over there.

Shelly’s  colleague, let’s call her Doris, was dealing with someone so I waited patiently until she was ready to see me.

Doris checked my paperwork and took my picture.  Then it was time for me to add my signature to the card.

Doris then asks me a strange question “Can you see well enough to sign your name?”

I thought this was an odd question, and was fighting the urge to say “Of course I can!”   I’m near sighted but I can still see just fine when it comes to signing my name.  She saw me walk up to the desk without running into anything, and there were plenty of chairs and posts for a person to run into in that building.  I figured that would give her some sort of clue.  My vision is horrible, but it’s not all gone!

Upon further review, I realize now that the question was not so odd after all, but it sure was strange at the time.

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  1. We hope you’re doing well. By the way, myopia doesn’t happen magically – it’s the result of a combination of prescription abuse and prolonged close work at short reading distances. Myopia rehabilitation can help.

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