My Midterm Crisis

It was 9:00 Wednesday morning, I walk into one of the campuses of the institution I attend online to take a proctored midterm exam for a course I’m taking.

I log in to access the test and print it off.  The proctor then realizes that it won’t let me log in, she becomes concerned.  I remain calm, because I’m used to things going not quite as well as originally planned (I would have been more worried if everything had gone smoothly).  After a series of phone calls we finally get that figured out, only to discover that for some reason, we were then prohibited from printing it off so I could write it by hand…since that’s what was required.

We then discovered that since I was an online student writing at this campus for the first time, I had no print credits.  So a staff member offered to log in and print it off for me.  This lasted half an hour, but they still gave me 2 hours to write due to the technical difficulty.  Writing the exam was quite easy after all that.   I wrote it in an hour and had an hour to check and improve my work.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

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