NASCAR 2023 Season Preview

I believe there is a lot of hope to be had for the 2023 NASCAR season.  This in spite of the detrimental things that happened last season.  First of all I will show you my new “team” of four drivers that I will be going for in the years to come.

Two old and two new.

An old face in a new place.  A steady guy.  A guy who got the fire lit under him last year.   Finally, a guy with some sort of chip on his shoulder.  This will definitely be an interesting lineup.  Now that I’ve set this, Christopher Bell will go on and win a Championship for spite.  That’s ok.  I hope he does.  If Kurt is allowed to race again, he will still be on the team for sure

Also, Jimmie Johnson is back for a few races.  Yes, I found this photo laying around on Twitter.  That’ll be fun.  Now my dad can have his whole team back.  It’ll be cool to see what he can do in an ownership role of this team which is really brand new direction-wise.  Let alone behind the wheel.  Will we see glimpses of his former self.? I’m not sure.  This is not Henderick Motorsports anymore.  I hope so.  He’s a changed man after his Indy Car experiences.  Is he going to try his absolute best every time he’s in the car?  You bet.


Hopefully NASCAR has done something to the back of the cars to help wth folks not getting concussions anymore.  The racing is great, just make the cars like two years ago safety wise.

All in all, I’m excited for the season to start.  Let’s get going.

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